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Biofreeze Kenya

Bio Freeze Collection

Bio Freeze Collection

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Experience Relief Where It Matters Most

Our line of pain relief solutions offers targeted comfort for everyone. Whether it's muscle stiffness, period cramps, backaches, or joint pains, find ease and mobility with our Patch, Gel, Spray, and Roll-On.

How to Use:

- Patch: Peel and place directly on the pain area for up to 8-hour relief.

- Gel: Gently rub a small amount onto the affected area for immediate ease.

- Spray: Aim and spray from 6 inches away for fast-absorbing relief.

- Roll-On Glide the applicator over sore spots for mess-free application.

Key Ingredient:

- Active Menthol: Known for its cooling properties, menthol effectively eases discomfort, offering a sensation of relief that is both immediate and lasting.

Who Can Use It:

Suitable for adults and children over 2 years. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional if you are pregnant, nursing, or managing specific health conditions.

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